Year of Intelligence

Being one step ahead will save you the billions worth of financial losses you are about to lose due to adversaries. Sri Lankan Financial Sector Threat Intelligence Platform will enable you to disrupt most attacks by helping you to fine-tune and concentrate on latest attacks heading your way. As the leaders in the financial sector driving you to a secure financial sector, we as FINCSIRT, introduced more value via the new threat intelligence platform. Making it more concentrated on the financial sector driving through the next level of intelligence which gives you an upper hand on facing the rapidly advancing threat landscape.

Mainly with the 2017 project FINCSIRT is implementing which is the Sri Lankan financial sector threat intelligence platform, we as FINCSIRT believes that it will help the business better understand the risks and implications associated with threats in order to make better decisions regarding the safety of its customer, employees and intellectual property. This also carries the benefit of putting proactive defense measures quickly in place and receiving threat mitigation support from a broader community of security experts will sure add value to the organizations. FINCSIRT, we provide great attention to the details. Where we will not even unintentionally sharing any confidential information which will make you lose competitive advantage and make the community awareness that an organization by name has been attacked.

Uniqueness of the platform will be; that it connects to many global threat intelligence databases and CERTs around the globe and as being the only CSIRT who has the capability to have the bird eye view of the financial sector via our Security Operation Center, we get the feeds that is only relevant to the Sri Lankan Financial Sector.

Adding to the platform, the next step of it would be having connection with foreign banks in Sri Lanka to send us feeds from their own global threat intelligences.

To improve our cyber defenses, the sector must cooperate. Crowdsourced threat intelligence and collaborative analytics help connect the dots and form better pictures of what is happening in the attack landscape of the Sri Lankan Financial Sector.